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March 31st 2012

location: Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

The first anniversary of the triple catastrophe in north-eastern Japan in March is approaching. For this occasion, there will be an event in the Galerie Neurotitan in Berlin. Its aim is to inspire reflection and discussion.

Over a week, architecture students will use the space in the Galerie Neurotitan to experiment with ideas and materials, in order to construct a temporary building in the neighbouring courtyard. The students come from the M√ľnster School of Architecture under the guidance of Professor Kazu Hanada. The erection of this building will be accompanied by an investigation of the characteristics of temporary buildings. Whenever man creates a roof over his head, one is led to the discussion of the basic needs of the human being. Can the permanent house also be seen as the self-imposed rules within which we move? The temporary building will engage with the given circumstances of the courtyard as well as with the question of mobility and our relationship with our concrete environment.

On March 31st 2012, there will also be a lecture and subsequent discussion in the Galerie Neurotitan. The Japanese artist Tanotaiga has been invited to Berlin and will hold a talk about his personal experience in the year of the catastrophe, entitled "Sendai Artist Report". Taiga was born in Sendai and now lives in Tokyo. He will speak about his experience of the tension and relation between artistic existence and humanitarian aid. To his report will be invited other artists to explain their experiences and to possibly initiate a short discussion,

The artist Yuko Matsuyama, the dancer Hironori Sugata and their colleagues will also present a dance and sound performance, which will link the rooms of the gallery with the temporary building in the neighbouring courtyard.